Welcome to Lawnacres!

When we came up with the idea for the Urban Herd, we were looking to fulfill our own needs. We tried learning horsepersonship through various avenues and had a hard time finding an opportunity to truly connect with a horses that we didn’t own. This seemed insane since the world is full of horses that need people. They need more groundwork, grooming, riding hours and companionship than the average working person who boards a horse can provide.

On the other side, all of our instructors and experienced horse friends claimed that you could only expect to get so far with a horse if you don’t share a bond. The way to get the bond is through groundwork, grooming, riding hours and companionship. But if you don’t own a horse, your access to them doesn’t include enough time for all of those things consistently.

The Dream: Create a community that brings together the horses and the non horse owning people in an environment that allows for that bond. With an emphasis on community and horse welfare, our hope is that our membership can create the horse experience they long for instead of providing them a specific horse experience from which they can learn.

It’s a grand experiment that is working out in the most beautiful way. It’s full of deep relationships and unending “learning opportunities” ¬†And amazing HORSES!

Lawnacres is located only a few minutes drive from the surrounding Woodinville, Mill Creek and Snohomish areas, and only a 45 minute drive from downtown Seattle.

Stay tuned for more information!